Covid-19 Vaccine: 

• Is it effective against mutant strains? 

• Is it safe for children? 

• Does it have long term side effects? 

• What if I have autoimmune conditions?


If you have in mind these concerns or other doubts about the vaccine, join our special webinar “Ask the Doctor on Covid-19 Vaccination”.


Dr. Noel Yeo, COO of IHH Healthcare Singapore, will share with you insider knowledge about the pandemic and vaccination. 


Dr Noel has also addressed these following issues in previous talks:

• Is the vaccine development too fast for it to be safe?

• I am starting a family soon. Will there be any risk towards foetal development?

• I have a past history of cancer. I also have chronic medical conditions. Is it safe to take the vaccine?

• Which type of vaccine should I choose? 


Do you have similar or other concerns? Join our webinar and ask the expert!

Date : 3rd June 2021

Time : 12pm to 1.30pm



The talk is organized as part of corporate social responsibility. In conjunction with this talk, a sum will be donated to the Society for the Aged Sick, a charitable organisation which runs a 404-bed nursing home.