Liau Chee Hui, CFP, IFP, RFP, Bsc.

Practice Group Director

License Number: eCMSRL/A9493/2008
Contact Number: 012-2367286

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About Me

Is free of financial worries one of your objectives in life?


As a licensed financial advisor that have access to multiple cost effective financial tools and solutions, I help clients achieve financial peace of mind through a practical, personalised strategies and systematic approaches.


I am a certified trainer and coach for Malaysia Financial Planning Council and Human Resource Development Fund.


I am also a leader than lead a team of professional and passionate advisor. My wish is to build a strong team of advisor that earn well and happy, achieve financial independence for themselves and their clients.

My Specialties

  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
  • Wealth Protection and Life Insurance Specialist
  • Family Wealth Succession Planning
  • Business Succession Planning