Stanley Hon

Practice Group Director

License Number: eCMSRL/B2149/2011
Contact Number: 016-3837865

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About Me

Through my 24 years experience in corporate finance towards financial advisory,

I enjoy working with clients to successfully formulate, plan to achieve their financial wishes.


A true believer of holistic financial planning, I am committed to helping value clients ranging from business owners, professionals, affluent and covering the whole spectrum of wealth management solutions from Wealth Protection, Wealth Enhancement to Comprehensive Estate Planning.


Client interest is my top utmost priority with independent advice and process-oriented advisory.


I am also a team leader leading 11 Licensed Financial Adviser providing independent advice and prosperity outcomes to value clients and consultants.


My Specialties

  • Estate Planning and Trust Solutions with Integration to Financial Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Family Foundation
  • Insurance Portfolio Review and Restructuring
  • Wealth Enhancement and Accumulation
  • Business Liability Insurance for Corporate
  • Cash Flow Management


“Our family engaged Stanley since the year 2010 to solve the headache estate planning issue. Stanley demonstrates high competence and professionalism in all aspects of the financial planning process and risk assessment. He is knowledgeable, high efficient, trustworthy, and independent. He is tested and totally trusted as my advisor.”

Mejon Bin Majambar Director, Corporate Investment Banking

“Stanley has been an outstanding consultant, he is knowledgeable in the insurance industry, excellent timely support to any enquiry, responsive, humble and able to design a suitable insurance package to me / family.”

Dato Sri Gobinath Nadarajan Blockchain Technology Enterpreneur

“I first met Stanley in 2010, not limiting to handle my personal portfolios, such as fund investment, debts cancellation, insurance, and will. Stanley also assists me in my corporate business insurance profiling. As volatile as the market and as the circumstances changes, I was updated with the latest market info at least twice yearly basis to ensure my financial concern is adequately covered. Stanley is knowledgeable and has been very prudence with all advice. His advice on wealth matters is close to my heart.”

Lim Swee Lit Managing Director, IT Firm