FA Islamic Wealth Advisory (FAiWA) is the premier one-stop centre that serves the comprehensive financial planning needs of Muslims in Malaysia.

We provide the Muslim community with an avenue to conduct their financial planning from an Islamic perspective.

We have successfully built our capabilities to offer Islamic solutions – to individuals, businesses and organization – in all key areas of financial planning: protection, investment, estate planning and zakat/wakaf planning. We now carry a wide range of Islamic products and services, some of which are exclusive to us, and work with many respected partners both domestically and internationally.

We strongly believe that Islamic financial advisory goes beyond merely having a range of Islamic products and services, as it also encompasses having the appropriate processes to reflect this. In this respect, we have our own shariah advisor to provide the proper guidance and we are in the process of being certified as a shariah-compliant entity.

We invite highly motivated and result-oriented individuals to join our team. Contact us if you have what it takes to succeed in this role.

We seek to continually improve ourselves, for example, we plan to introduce debt management and Islamic private equity investments as part of our services in the future.

We are also actively involved in efforts to increase the financial literacy of the Muslim community.

Your Responsibilities:

We are looking for individuals to assume the role of a FA Islamic Wealth Advisor. In this role, you will be tasked to understand, tailor and present solutions that meet your clients (individuals, businesses or organizations) financial planning needs from the Islamic perspective.

You will have at your disposal, a wide range of products and services plus the support of a dedicated team, to help you serve effectively as your clients’ trusted advisor in Islamic financial matters.

Your role will be a challenging one as it is multi facet: you must believe in reaching out to the Muslim community, driven by the fact that you play an important role in their financial well-being; you must be able to provide professional advice and solutions to meet your clients’ needs; and finally, you must be able to nurture such client-advisor relationships over the long-run.

You will also be involved in numerous outreach programs in the form of seminars, conferences and volunteer programs which involves the Muslim community.

To ensure you meet the standard of a FA Islamic Wealth Advisor, you will undergo a comprehensive and continuous training program which includes an Islamic Wealth Management Certification course conducted by an external Islamic training consultancy.

The Requirements:

You will be remunerated on a profit-sharing (commission) basis.

You should be someone who believes that the role you play goes far beyond the monetary aspect of the job

You should be someone who believes, where applicable, that Islamic financial products and services are the primary solution for your Muslim clients’ needs.