Date : 05/08/2021

Time : 8:00 pm

This pandemic that we are going through is every parent’s nightmare. We see friends and family losing their job, suffer from illnesses, and sadly some even pass on leaving behind the family. Imagine if this pandemic were to happen at a time when your child is about to go for their tertiary education. You probably be thinking, what could I have done better for the past 17 years?
Join us to find out, what are the things that you can do to secure your children’s education fund.

In our webinar, we will be talking about
✅ How much to prepare for children’s tertiary education?
✅ Why should you invest now rather than later?
✅ Which investment vehicle should you use?
✅ How to protect your children’s education fees?
✅ What happens to your assets when we are no longer around?

This webinar is part of the financial empowerment series organised by FA Advisory Sdn Bhd, a financial advisory firm licensed by Bank Negara and Securities Commission Malaysia.

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