Fair Dealing

We are Committed to Fair Dealing Outcomes

  1. Our topmost priority is “YOU”.

Fair dealing is in our blood at FA Advisory. Our senior management sets the tone by permeating every aspect and inculcating in every member in the entire organisation with the “Client Comes First” policy.

  1. We have the necessary due diligence processes to ensure the products and services we offer are suitable for you.

We don’t recommend products and services just because they are there. Our screening processes are designed to weed out irrelevance and pay special attention to suitability in meeting your objectives.

  1. Our consultants are rigourously trained to listen to your needs and offer you appropriate and quality advice.

No hidden agendas stand in the way. Our consultants are trained to make recommendations solely based on your circumstances, needs and goals.

  1. We keep you updated with clear and relevant information in a timely manner to help you decide with your eyes open.

With the mind-boggling array of complex financial products out there, you could get shortchanged, or even misled, if you went in blind and unaided. Our Financial Compass (with its language options), fact sheets and periodic publications are just some of the ways we help you understand what you are buying into and update you on the market situation. Our in-house automated systems also help to disseminate information and documents quickly.

  1. Our feedback channels are always open, and we have an independent process to deal with complaints efficiently and efficiently.

A complaint is a distress call. We will do our utmost to get complaints resolved fairly and quickly to restore confidence and peace of mind. Let us know where we can improve to serve you better.