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My View: The Most Important Strategy when Investing

In this webinar, our Investment Director, Sani Hamid, will share what he believes is the most important strategy when investing over the medium- to long-term. Legendary investors like Warren Buffet & Cathy Woods from Ark Invest, adopt this strategy when they invest. While derived from the simple “buy low, sell high” principle, these investors have mastered the art of doing this in a manner which puts the odds in their favour and have helped them generate phenomenal annualised returns. In this webinar, you will learn what this is and understand why this is a key foundational understanding when investing.

Myths & Misconception on Life Insurance Claims

It’s difficult to get pay for a life insurance claim! This is a common consumer perception when claims arised.

Life insurance is the most important document that must be owned to avoid the financial pitfalls of premature death. Unfortunately, many consumers filled with various false myths that make people lose confidence in insurance claims tend to ignore the importance of life insurance.

The topic promise to you an eye-opener on common reasons that might cause insurance claims being delayed and rejected, and what consumer need to know to avoid such mistakes covering from medical, personal accident, critical illness and death claims with actual scenario case studies. The speaker will also provide value-added covid-19 hospitalisation claims tips and procedures too.



Lies We Tell Ourselves About Retirement

Retirement is a major life change that not everyone is prepared for. Globalization and technology changed how people lived and worked, so over the coming years increasing longevity will do the same. Retirement can be a quarter of our life, easily 20 years or more. Therefore, retirement planning should be a plan in terms of financially and emotionally.

Today we are going to talk about retirement from the financial perspective. Retirement is one of our biggest financial challenges for three reasons:

  • The sum we have to save for retirement is bigger than for any other financial goal.
  • When we prioritize our desires, retirement never wins on urgency, making it easy to keep putting off.
  • Saving for retirement is the financial equivalent of an ultramarathon. When saving to buy a house or to pay for your child’s college education, you might save for five or 15 years, but for retirement, you have to save decade over decade.

What is more, in terms of our priorities, saving for retirement may lose out to other more pressing matters or more enjoyable pursuits. And to make matters worse, we may talk ourselves out of it with unfounded rationalisations, so that we can avoid the difficult task of saving for retirement. Those are the subtle lies we tell ourselves about retirement. Not any more. Be honest with yourself.

The 5 Pillars of Wealth to achieve Financial Success

To achieve financial success, we need the 5 pillars of wealth to grow our assets and protect our wealth. Just like the pillars of a tall building, we need strong pillars to build a strong financial fortress. Every pillar of wealth plays a different role in our financial journey. In different life stages, a certain pillar will be significantly more important than the other pillar and vice versa. So, what are the 5 pillars of wealth, and which pillar is more important in different life stages? The webinar will explain each of the 5 pillars of wealth and who the pillars can help you achieve your financial success.

Bual bicara Harta Pusaka: Rezeki atau Beban?

Harta Pusaka merupakan topik yang semakin popular di bincangkan sejak akhir-akhir ini, pusaka terbengkalai, kos yang tinggi, proses yang rumit dan panjang, membuatkan ramai keluarga mula berfikir, sesuatu patut dilakukan bagi memudahkan urusan keluarga mereka.

Terdapat juga kekeliruan dalam pemilihan produk-produk kewangan yang sesuai dengan:

  • Perancangan pusaka
  • Pematuhan undang-undang Shariah dan Sivil mengikut situasi di negara kita
  • Kos-kos yang terlibat sebelum dan selepas kematian, dan juga implikasi percukaian

Membuatkan ramai orang memilih melarikan diri dari pentadbiran dan hanya menunggu bahagian pusaka mereka diterima.

Bagaimana kita boleh ringkas dan mudahkan pengurusan pusaka, jimatkan kos-kos yang tidak perlu, dan jimatkan masa pentadbiran dan lantik pengurusan pusaka yang cekap dan teliti?

Dapatkan pencerahan di webinar bualbicara ini.


There are unscrupulous parties misusing the Name & Logo of FA Advisory on social media to offer investment scheme promising high returns, with the intention to defraud.

We wish to clarify that, FA Advisory Sdn Bhd is a Licensed Financial Planning & Advisory Firm, and we DO NOT offer any guaranteed investment packages. We also DO NOT collect investment monies from clients directly. We only deal with licensed and legitimate investment products.